Monday, May 16, 2016

Appraisal of Copyright Law on the Internet Publication Among the Students of Nigeria Tertiary Institutions

Chapter One
The advancement in technology most especially in this century has influenced and affects every spares of human endeavors to include publishing cycle. Internet publishing is a new development which began in 20th century enables computer users to exchange and access messages from millions of computer data base across the globe.
          Another significant aspect of this research is the legal atmosphere that encompassed the internet publishing. It should be noted that internet publishing include among other: Electronic mail {e-mail} , G-mail, materials from search engine like Google, yahoo , firefox, e. t. c, uploading of pictures and other illustrations , online histories and documentaries , e-news , features and articles , websites materials, online programs , online software, texts and lots more.

          The internet being a universal source of information has both electronic and print media characteristics which shall extensively discussed later. Similarly, for the purpose of this research ‘law of intellectual property is relevant in this regard.
          Focus shall be made on copyright law, patent law, trademarks law and law of industrial designs and many other related aspects of law which are designed to protect the legal rights which arises from mental creative and developed to encourage people who have zeal to put more effort and ingenuity into the development of diverse creative works ensuring that such people enjoy the fruits of their labour without any one taking undue advantage of their work.
          The above mentioned aspect of law covers the recent internet which is the focus of this research. We shall consider the following element while explain the above topic in odor to make the discussing succinctly understandable:
{1} work eligibility
{2} concept of fair use
{3} originality of internet work
{4} copyright law protection
{5} legislations on internet publishing
{6} defense, remedies, damages e. t. c.

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