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1.0       Introduction
1.1       Background to the Study 
Definition of Peace
          The encyclopedia dictionary of the English language defines “peace” as a state of tranquility or quietness, freedom from war or hostility … public tranquility and order… in a state of harmony.   

          Owning to its diverse nature, one of Nigeria’s greatest needs is to achieve socio political integration. That will make the nation amendable to national, rather than regional or ethnic thinking, an absence of which will deprive the country the much sought after potency as instrument for social and political mobilization, undoubtedly have significant roles in the attainment of peace in Nigeria.
          This project examines the prevailing realities of the Nigeria society. In addition, peace as national integration folds out to mean; honest, dynamic, responsible, collective and democratic leadership; equal access to natural resources; inter –ethnic.
          Cultural appreciation and religious tolerance; equitable distribution of natural resources e. g. employment, education, political offices e. t. c
          Maximization and utilization of Nigeria talents irrespective of ethnic origin; improve national consciousness greater acceptance of the national government and finally a state of no war.
          Armed with this definition, we need to ask ourselves – does peace exist in Nigeria?  The answer to this question is simple as it may appear not easy. It is not the intention of the research is to answer this question but to present the prevailing circumstances in Nigeria of today and review the role the mass media can play in the attainment of peace as we are now into the 21st century.

Causes of Crisis in a Country
  • Precarious livelihoods
  • Excluded locations
  • Physical limitations
  • Gender relationships
  • Problems in social relationships
  • Lack of security
  • Abuse by those in power
  • Disempowering institutions
  • Limited capabilities
  • Weak community organizations
  • Unemployment

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