Saturday, October 8, 2016


The Impact of the Media on Electoral Fortune of Political Parties in Nigeria

The Press and Nigerian Politics

The Role of Mass Media in Preventing Election Rigging

The Roles of Community Newspapers in Creating Political Awareness

Assessment of Public Perception of Broadcast Media Coverage of Gender Issue

Appraisal of Mass Media on the Promotion of Children Rights in Nigeria

Appraisal of the Role of Mass Media in Fostering Religion Peace

Assessment of the Role of the Media in Anti-Corruption Campaign

Challenges of Investigative journalism Practices in Nigeria

Comparison of the Usage of Public Relations by Commercial and Non-Commercial Organization

Effectiveness of Radio in the Mobilization of People for Family Planning

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Radio Advertisements of Family Planning Programmes

Exploring the Impracticability-of Press Freedom During Political Transition in Nigeria

Impact of Cultural Programmes of Broadcast Media on Cultural Value and Promotion in Nigeria

Impact of Facebook and Whatsapp as an Effective Interpersonal Media of Communication

Impact of Freedom of Information Act on Journalism Practice in Nigeria

Impact of Freedom of Information Acts on Journalism Practice in Nigeria

Impact of Public Relations on a Corporate Organization

Impact of Radio Campaign Against Human Trafficking in Nigeria

Impact of Satellite Television on Youths

Mass Media Role on Nigeria National Development

Role of Mass Media on Nigeria National Development

Nigerian Newspapers and the Coverage of Human Right

Origin, Nature, Problems and Prospects of Yoruba and Yoruba Language Newspapers

Readers Perception on the Use of Indigenous Language in Nigeria Print Media

Roles of Public Relations in Crisis Management

Roles of Public Relations in Gender Conflict Resolution

Roles of Broadcast Media on Family Planning Matters in Rural Nigeria Societies

Roles of Information and Communication Technology on the Practice of Journalism 

Social Effects of Advertising on Nigerian Students

The Importance of Indigenous Language in Broadcast Media

The Place of Graphical Cartoons in Newspaper Publication

The place of Naughty by Nature Cartoon in Newspaper as an Entertainment Work of Art

The Place of Photographs in Magazine and Newspaper Production

The Roles of Print Media in Sport Development

The Roles of Public Relations in Building Corporate Image

The roles of Public Relations in Eradicating Cultism in Tertiary Institutions

The Roles of Community Newspapers in Political Mobilization

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