Monday, February 4, 2019


1.1              Background to the Study 
Environmental pollution is a problem both in developed and developing countries which Nigeria is not left out. Factors such as population growth and urbanization invariably place greater demands on the environment and stretch the use of natural resources to the maximum. Such overuse of natural resources often results in nature’s degradation.
Remarkable environmental problems and issues are gradually increasing around the world with higher frequency from strong typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones and other extreme events including pollution, floods, landslides, droughts etc. Therefore, there is a growing demand from the public for more and more information on environmental issues and a great link between awareness or knowledge and action. It is shown that environment and environmental news and information are salient and prominent topic of the public and elites discussion. Hence, mass media plays a significant role in covering news and information on environmental incidences, issues and problems (Pompper, 2004).
Explicitly, news reports play an important role in shaping the public’s perceptions of the government's efforts to address the environmental issues and resolve the environmental problems. The media not only reports on the environmental related events, but also lets people know how officials respond and what to do to protect themselves from environmental problems. The media also helps to keep people informed about the day-to-day progress of efforts to protect the environment, recycling programs and efforts to conserve natural resources.
This is how the public educates through mass media. The mass media play a role as a channel and means for environmental education of people in the world (Hoerisch, 2002). Among the mass media, newspaper takes an important place in disseminating information, shape perceptions and create awareness and thus, catalyze environmental actions.
In general term, ‘environment’ is a “concept which includes all aspects of the surroundings of humanity, affecting individuals and social groupings” (Gilpin, 2006). The ‘environment’ or ‘natural environment’ is all of those non-human, natural surroundings within which human beings exist and which are prerequisite for their further evolution.’
Environment can be categorized as one of the most important significant factors wielding influence on development's possibilities. The major environmental problems such as deforestation, water pollution, air pollution, loss of fertile soil, solid waste disposal etc. are related to human activities and development. Significantly, there is an inseparable relationship between environment and development of the environment. 
National governments as well have taken steps to increase the level of awareness and attention paid to problems of air and, water pollution, deforestation, desertification, green-house gas emission, global warming, climate change, e.t.c through mass media. 

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