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1.0              Background to the Study
Religion fanaticism has been a recurring issue in Nigerian society and one can wonder if there can be a permanent end to it. Towards solving the problems of religious crisis and creating religion harmony in Nigerian society, television broadcast has been identified as one of the panacea as to curb it effect in the society.
According to Ekueme (2011), television has the responsibility to inform the people of the state about the daily event which can affect their lives. It also has the responsibility to educate and entertain, project local cultures and some as a unifying factor through programmes relevant to the needs for its audience”.

Crisis which entails a time of great danger, difficulty or confusion when problems must be solved or important decisions must be made. ‘Crisis can be said to be an unsettling situation with disquieting disposition needing a return from the status quo. In view of the situation in Nigeria currently, crisis can be in different forms, example political crisis, financial crisis, fuel crisis, labour crisis, civil disturbance engendered by a perceived wrong doing by a corporate organization, management, shareholder and management related crisis and so on. These are to mention but a few instances because there are so many dimension of crisis. Crisis can occur as a recall of an action of omission or negligence; even a natural disaster can trigger off crisis in an organization. Crisis can either be violent or non-violent in nature.
It is now obvious, that television has a lot of roles to play anytime that any event occurs in educating and informing people as well as promote peace in the country. Any state in the world is predicated on the association of widely differing individuals. Religious beliefs is one of the most important differences between individual citizens of a state. Since religion is basically on the individual belief, most states see it as proper to dissociate official policy from religion learning.
This is the reason many states whose citizens have diverse religious belief are secular in outlook. In accordance with the principles of fundamental human rights of the basic tenets of the Nigerian constitution chapter 4 section 38 (i) every person shall be entitled to freedom of religion. Nigeria Constitution (1999). Religious fanaticism all over the world constitutes threat to the information of any nation because they are agent of destruction and disharmony among the people. Experiences have shown that nations hit by religious insurrection like Nigeria have smut difficult tune and instability.
Also, Ojumoh (1991) stated that right from December, 1980 when Muhammad Maruwa and his band of religious bigots unleashed their types of violence on the people of Kano, the nations has stumbled from one induced violence to another and by now it appears that government is incapable of putting a permanent solution to the problem.
However, in as much as crisis is an inevitable situation in the society, there is always the need to develop pre-emptive strategic and method to prevent its occurrence. But in case crisis occurs and poses greater danger, difficulty or uncertainly, the big questions for the media practitioners or media managers are; what do we do to prevent it? How best do we utilize our training and knowledge to resolve a situation that is unstable and capable of a highly undesirable outcome?
Television therefore play a vital role among the people in the society in terms of crisis resolution. Television broadcasting therefore aiming at establishing a two-way communication, seeking common ground or areas of mutual interest and establishing understanding based on truth, knowledge and full information. It is that indispensable bridge that fosters co-operation and understanding. With increasing intensity, the civil society is rather active than passive in the affairs that concern them through regular broadcasting and information dissemination.
According to the preamble of the objectives of television broadcasting in Nigeria, cited in Omatsola (1998), television is a medium of communication through which the individual shares in the world around him and beyond his immediate environment. By means of television, the Nigeria should be able to partake in ideas and experiences that a difficult, diacritic yet dynamic society. Television in the country should be made to influence societal values profoundly and technological factor. As noted above, television being a medium of communication that has the capacity to convey message idea and information, has certain roles to play anytime religious crisis that can soften it effect, promote peace in the society and help strengthen individual societal values.
The actual role of religious crisis in Nigeria should involve covering the crisis itself, processing it and finally broadcast it to the public and creating messages and information that will foster religion harmony in the society. In doing this, care must be taken in order to ensure objectivity, which is a cardinal element of principle of journalism. Therefore, this role ought to be played by the television stations in Nigeria.
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